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CU Entertainment services is a Gambian start up company, founded by professionals with many years’ of experience in international hotel entertainment, specially in Spain. We have worked at all levels of entertainment in small and large teams, human resources, administration, training and management in various company’s. We like to think of ourselves as a new lay-out to revitalise the entertainment offer at holiday establishments. At CU-entertainment we do commit ourselves to take holiday seriously, fun is our business. We train very gifted people to put a program into practice and take care of it as a team, which means to develop on their own base new skills for and technics to surprise with.

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We will organise professional castings to select the best possible candidates for our intensive training courses. Only those with the best results and highest motivation will then receive an ’on the job training’, after which various candidates will be offered to the hotel as possible placement candidates. All entertainers will be contracted by the hotel. Together with the management we will select, implement and coordinate the various activities. The activities program will vary and depend on factors as hoteloccupation, guestprofiles, season, calendary events and weather conditions.

Together with the hotelmanagement we will decide on an recognizable image for the entertainment department. This will reflect in things as uniform, logo, cd’s, internet presence etcetera.

Our best work




Basic daytime activities

There are numerous actvities that can be organised in touristic hotels, depending on materials, space, facilities etcetera. To the most basic belong things such as darts, table tennis, boules, watergames and gymnastics like aerobic, zumbo taichi and stretching.

Depending on the hotels facilities thes can be augmented by activities such as football, basketball, volleyball, rifle shooting, billiard and archery. Depending on team size cultural activities such as local language class, dance lessons etc can de added.


Special events

Based upon calendary events special activities can be organised; Christmas, new year, Easter, Halloween, valentines day, mothers day, etc. We also create special days such as pirate day or Olympic day.



Cocktailgame is a daily activity around the pool area and derives its name from the daily prize: a Cocktail. It is played around the pool area or at the beach just before lunchtime. The game normally has the highest guestparticipationrate of all daytime activities and is designed for adults and children alike and offers everyday a different game. The game is closed off with the clubdanse and often the mascot from the hotel joins in. When done right, the cocktailgame helps to boost bar sales.



It is also possible to organize various workshops, like learning some phrases in a local langueage or offering a workshop about Islam to deepen the understanding of the culural/religious background. For the healty, fitness and wellness lovers a daily demonstration of detox juice making can be organized together with the local juicelady and can help boost sales. Guests could also receive recipes so that the can make the juices at home. Very successful are also barbeque events or show cooking of African dishes, organised with the collaboration of kitchen staff, after wich the prepared food can be sold to the guest.


Night time program

Apart from kids disco and professional shows, many hotels offer shows and nicht time entertainment done by the resident team. These shows vary greatly from simple things as a music quiz, with sound bites and bingo with prices as hotel t-shirts, caps or a free cocktail. At the medium level are things as karaoke and kids shows. And at the top are live sung shows and shows with video projection combined with live dancing. Of course many hotels still offer mimed dancing shows, often a shorter version of a famous musicals or films as Moulin rouge, Beauty and the beast, Cats, Starlight express or Grease.



To create memories, to promote the hotel and to generate income the hotel should consider selling CD’s of the kidsdisco and clubdanse. Cocktail games, workshops, shows, show cooking etcetera are all designed to help stimulate bar sales. We advise the hotel to design and order t-shirts, caps, and CD’s, the make great prices and could also be sold.



During school holidays its advisable to open a kidsclub in the hotel, run by specially trained reps. The lack of a kidsclub often lets parents decide against a certain hotel. Where as kidsclub can also help in preventing bored kids to harass other guests. Seen in this perspective offering kidsclub creates a win win situation to all involved.

A professional kidsclub first of all needs an specially designated area, decorated in a for children attractive way and has to comply with a minimum set of rules regarding health and safety. It also needs small chairs, tables, closets and materials for games and activities.

Kidsclub offers activities such as funny darts, water games, twister, musical chairs, bowling and handicrafts.

Kidsclub entertainers are also responsible for executing the daily kidsdisco or minidisco. At least once a week they organise and rehearse a kids show with participation of the children as snowwhite. Parents are sure to film and photograph this and show it to their friend or relatives or place it on social media. For the hotel this means free advertisement.

Fun is our business

Want to work as an entertainer?


Do you like people? Are you a born organiser? Like sports and or children? Are you not shy and love attention? Like to get to know people from other countries? Then maybe working as an entertainer would be for you! We believe that working in tourist entertainment is a great choice to start working in tourism. What we ask for:

  • live in the Gambia
  • finished school education
  • good level of english
  • age between 18 and 30
  • interested in sports or kids
  • talent for organiser.

Other experiences which are welcome and valued but not essential:

  • experience with children
  • dancing and singing experience
  • sportsinstructor or Aerobic/yoga/zumba teacher
  • speak other languages like Spanish, French, Dutch, German etc.

If you are interested send us your CV with a full body picture or even better send us a video on whatsapp in which you present yourself. cuentertainment@gmail.com or Whatsapp on 00 220 5048 130 if selected we will invite you to a casting.

For questions or comments please contact us.

Want to know what we can do in your establishment?

By contracting us we guarentee professional entertainment in your establishemt. This includes the follwing:


  • Casting, course and training of the entertainment team. Both theoretical and pratical including health and safety.
  • Implementing a professional day and night time entertainment program, based on the hotels wishes and possibilities.
  • Creating a professional guest information system and a corporate identity for your entertainment team.
  • Advise on which materials should be purchased for the executing of entertainment activities.
  • Constant support, follow up and quality control.


Fun is our business

We listen to holidaymakers and creat new ways to pleasantly suprice them.

Every clients requirments necessitate a different type of personalisation.

We relish in these challenges. Our ideas reach for the stars but are realistic at the same time.

We monitor our services through effective coordination and control systems.

Share our knowledge and experience in tourist entertainment with entertainers and the sector.

We practice an innovative culture as we believe that entertainment is not static but designed to the needs of holidaymakers.

We communicate our activites externally with transparancy, accesibility, reliability, rigour and truthfulness.

We make the workers aware of the need to comply with quality standards.

Would you like to know what we can do in your establishment? Cantact us.



00 220 5048 130

Our team



German architect, 15 years experience in kidsclubs and education, practical experience in HR. Worked in entertainment with Grupotel, Confortel and H10.



Polish, profesional choreographer, dancer, team leader with many years experience among others worked with polish ballet, barcelo hotel's and Lopesan.



Dutch, studied law, experience as entertainer, team leader, coordinator and area manager among others for Lopesan, Grupotel, Confortel and H10


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